Kingdom 2023-08-31T14:49:01+00:00 Roy Pieter Open Journal Systems <p>Journal about Theologia</p> ANALISIS METODE DEDUKSI DALAM MEMAHAMI MASALAH YANG TERJADI DI GEREJA TORAJA JEMAAT RANTEPASANG 2022-11-28T02:48:36+00:00 Ayu Purnama Sari Ela Olyviea Tandi Meli Kuse Oktavani Lukin Caliane Resti Kinda <p><em>The purpose of this research is to analyze the deduction method in understanding the problems that occur in the Toraja Church of the Rante Pasang congregation. The problems that occurred in the Rantetangan congregation affected the life of the church, especially in terms of spirituality. one of the problems that exist in the Toraja Church of the Rante Pasang congregation is the habit of playing gambling. This custom is not only carried out by church members but also by church elders. The habit of playing gambling by the elders has a bad influence on the spiritual development of the congregation. by using the method of deductive reasoning, a study can reach conclusions that are based on theories that have been proven true</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Ayu Purnama Sari, Ela Olyviea Tandi, Meli Kuse, Oktavani Lukin Caliane, Resti Kinda Transformasi Sosial Melalui Lensa Teologi: Memahami Peran Agama Dalam Mengatasi Ketimpangan Sosial Pada Konteks Kontemporer 2023-07-13T01:38:30+00:00 Heni Maria Intan Laurens Hantrini Patoo Alfriani Sapa <p><em>This paper discusses the role of religion in overcoming social inequality in a contemporary context. Social inequality is a complex and deep issue involving aspects such as economic, political, cultural and social. In seeking solutions to these inequalities, religion often has an important role to play in shaping societal views of well-being, justice and human relations. This study uses a theological approach to analyze the contribution of religion in overcoming social inequality. Through theological understanding, this paper will identify the values ??that underlie religious teachings that can be a source of inspiration and motivation for social transformation. First, this paper will explain the understanding of social inequality in the contemporary context, including its causes and impacts on society. Then, the focus will shift to the role of religion in helping to overcome this social inequality. Furthermore, this paper will analyze theological perspectives from various religions regarding social issues such as poverty, economic inequality, gender differences, and human rights. Through exploring sacred texts and religious doctrines, the author will highlight universal values ??that inspire and motivate religious people to act in overcoming social inequality</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Heni Maria Heni, Intan Laurens, Hantrini Patoo, Alfriani Sapa Rasionalitas Menuju Iman Dalam Pemikiran Wolfhart Pannenberg Serta Signifikansinya Bagi Umat Kristen Masa Kini 2023-07-13T01:37:33+00:00 Christian Arisandi Kiding Allo <p><em>Behind the scientific advances that have been produced by enlightenment and modernism, negative impacts soon emerged and then spread to all aspects. Theology which is based on the faith and tradition of the Church is then bombarded by criticism of the rationality and empiricism of modern science. The impact of modernism was so severe that it made Catholics take the policy of proclamation of papal infallibility in 1870 and the policy promoted by Pope Pius X (1903-1914) in order to eradicate every scholar who was considered infected by the disease of modernism. Responding to this problem, Pannenberg emerged as one of the many twentieth-century theologians who both fought against modernism and defended the foundations of Christian theology. Christianity and the age of enlightenment, faith and reason are a unity that should be celebrated equally. Such is the characteristic of Pannenberg, which is very different from the style of theology of Barth, Bultmann, and theologians of his time. Pannenberg’s main accomplishment is that he rehabilitated reason and rationality in theology, so faith is not a hasty leap into irrationality</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Christian Arisandi Kiding Allo Pendidikan Agama Kristen Dalam Keluarga : Upaya Menghindari Remaja Terjerumus Pronografi Di Era Digital 2023-07-13T01:40:35+00:00 Moralman Gulo <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong></p> <p><em>The digital era has brought rapid changes to human life today, where in the development of technology, various problems arise that damage knowledge, character and even the spirituality of today's teenagers. Based on data, one of the current problems is pornographic content which is rife in spreading on various social media. . The purpose of writing this article is to provide an overview or concept to parents about the essential Christian religious education in the family as a basis for preventing children from falling into pornographic content in today's digital era. In this article the author uses a descriptive qualitative method with an approach to library research, to provide ideas as a solution to the problem that is the topic of discussion. The result of this writing is that parents are aware of their main responsibilities and are able to understand the efforts that can be realized to help children not get trapped or fall for the rise of pornography in the digital era.</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Moralman Gulo Analisis Teologis Terhadap Pola Pembukaan Lahan Oleh Masyarakat Di Desa Tabarano Dalam Perspektif Eco-Feminism 2023-08-10T01:59:40+00:00 Merianti Merianti Alfri Tandi <p><em>The pattern of land clearing in Tabarano Hamlet has an unfavorable impact on the community, as a result of the pattern of land clearing, causing several impacts, namely, water supplies are running low, the air is hot and some lands on the side of the road are landslides. The community continues to clear land without rules and assistance. So the author is interested in analyzing what people actually understand about land clearing from the perspective of eco-feminism. The presence of eco-feminism would be able to educate about the reciprocal relationship between humans and their environment. In this study, the author uses a qualitative type of method, namely through the literature by reviewing existing books, and field research and other sources that can provide information and data in accordance with the problem to be studied. Based on field research, the pattern of land clearing in Tabarano Hamlet when viewed from the perspective of eco-feminism is very contradictory, the way they exploit nature without being responsible, they only cut down without intending to restore the forest ecosystem again</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Merianti Merianti, Alfri Tandi Metode Pengajaran Rasul Paulus dalam Misi Kontekstual di Komsel 2023-08-31T14:39:43+00:00 Eddy Salim Roesmijati Roesmijati Josiharu Edmund Franky <p><em>Teaching methods can help effectiveness in conveying ideas or ideas to form cell communities according to the teaching mission of the Apostle Paul. The teaching mission of the Apostle Paul is contextual in carrying out evangelistic missions. At present it is very important for believers to understand and apply the contextual teaching methods of the Apostle Paul. Contextual evangelistic missions must cover all dimensions of contemporary life, including cultural, religious, social, economic, and political dimensions in relation to the goals of evangelism. If this is done by using the right teaching methods then evangelism in South Korea will succeed effectively</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Eddy Salim, Roesmijati Roesmijati, Josiharu Edmund Franky Strategi Misi Paulus berdasarkan Kisah Para Rasul 17 dan Implementasinya bagi gereja masa kini 2023-08-31T13:14:17+00:00 John Marlin <p><em>This study aims to describe and study in depth, as well as provide meaning to the understanding of missionaries regarding missionary services, missionary understandings of Paul's mission strategy Acts 17 and its Implementation for the Church today. This study uses a qualitative approach. The results obtained by the implementation of Paul's mission strategy based on Acts 17 which in particular (1) preached Jesus Christ through sermons or lectures or private conversations, (2) the Gospel of Christ was conveyed by visiting where they lived, (3) preaching the Gospel to cities strategic big and small cities, (5) reaching everyone (regardless of race or gender), but strategies that have not been implemented or implemented include: (4) evangelizing through apologetic dialogues/discussions everywhere, (6) good at dealing with orators by his rhetorical style and (7) form new alliances</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 John Marlin Pemahaman Etika Kristen Tentang Perceraian di Jemaat GBI ROCK Tabanan 2023-08-31T13:21:24+00:00 Ilina Marinda Handjojo Edwin Edwin Roy Pieter <p><em>This study aims to determine the understanding of the congregation at GBI ROCK Tabanan about Christian ethics, the meaning of divorce, Christian ethics about divorce, and the impact of divorce. Research data sources in this study were the congregation at GBI ROCK Tabanan which were determined using purposive sampling technique. The collected data is then analyzed using the condensation, data display and conclusion drawing. The results showed that the GBI ROCK Tabanan congregation had understood Christian ethics; the GBI ROCK Tabanan congregation do not understand the meaning of divorce; the GBI ROCK Tabanan congregation already understands Christian ethics regarding divorce; the GBI ROCK Tabanan congregation has not comprehensively understood the impact of divorce. Based on the results of this research, several things are suggested: (1) The Pastor should hold a pre-marital seminar on Christian ethics related to divorce and GBI's theological attitude towards the issue of divorce; and (2) the congregation needs to develop the initiative to take part in Christian ethics seminars related to divorce so that they can have a correct understanding of the issue of divorce among Christians</em></p> 2023-08-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Ilina Marinda Handjojo, Edwin Edwin, Roy Pieter